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How to download St. Lucian Creole Dictionary APK at

St.Lucian Creole Dictionary is an easy to use mobile app that will give visitors to St.Lucia and those who are interested in learning Kwéyòl a quick and handy reference to the language.

This Dictionary is in two parts. The first part is arranged alphabetically according to Kwéyòl key words with English definitions. Different senses of the word are given, along an example sentence illustrative of the word used in that sense. Other information is given as well, including the part of speech, any synonyms, antonyms, or cross-references, and an etymology, if known.

The second part is an English to Creole translator. Parts of speech and Kwéyòl meanings are given for each English word, again with different senses indicated where applicable.

Both parts feature audio pronunciations of the Kwéyòl words making the app very useful to those who want to learn to speak the creole language.

Key Features
• Audio pronunciations by native speaker
• Search by English or Creole keyword
• Store frequently used words in Favorites
• English to Creole translations
• Creole to English translations
• Usage example sentences and phrases

How to install UniGuide Audio Tours and Maps APK at

FREE audio tours for museums, parks, campuses, downtowns, historical sites and other landmarks all across the US and Canada within one app. Learn from museum curators, art critics, historians, park rangers, or knowledgeable locals eager to share their knowledge of the places you love.

Listen to publicly available official audio tours or alternative professional tours, some of which can be accessed EXCLUSIVELY through UniGuide.

Either listen online or download tours in advance to save data using WiFi or avoid problems with spotty service. After you visit the site, you can free up some memory by removing the tour with a single swipe – or keep it to listen to stories you didn’t have time for later.

Every single story is narrated by a human - no robotic voices, guaranteed!

Most outdoor tours are accompanied with maps to help you find routes and audio stops. When you choose the tour, the area’s map will be downloaded automatically if it’s available, so you will still have it even if you lose connection.

We know that you hate to see battery draining, be it in New York City or Golden Gate Park. We do our best to minimize the load we put on it. For example: GPS turns off automatically as soon as it is not absolutely necessary; the screen brightness goes to its minimum when you are listening without touching the screen (and restores back when you need it); and the maps are downloaded very selectively, thus saving not only your battery, but also memory and data.

Check it, it is all there. From finest art museums in New York to public art in Los Angeles, from National Mall monuments in Washington, DC, to Olimpic National Park in the state of Washington, from downtown Seattle to marshes of Everglades, from Civil War Trails to NYC Grand Central Terminal, from San Francisco to Miami... Art lovers and trail hikers, history enthusiasts and city wanderers, zoo fans and science aspirants, backpackers and beachgoers - everyone will find something to learn from the app.

How to install MigApp: Trusted travel support APK at

MigApp offers a central and user friendly, one-stop-shop application where migrants can log on to using their mobile phones to access readily available information and services relevant to their specific migration process.

With the increasing number of migrants in the world, many of whom use mobile phones to access information, there is enormous potential for such an engagement to be harnessed. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to reduce the human and financial costs of migration through increased engagement with migrants, furthering IOM’s commitment to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

Migrants worldwide make up 1 billion persons, this means one in seven persons is a migrant. Given the complexity of the migration process, many migrants encounter tremendous challenges throughout their journeys, from the limited access to simple and reliable information about the migration process to the unfamiliar social norms and sometimes dangerous conditions in the destinations they find themselves in. Many migrants struggle to find assistance but assistance is difficult to find if you do not know where to look. This drives migrants to seek help from unauthorized agencies who exploit migrants’ lack of knowledge to advance their own interests.

In this digital age, use of smartphones is no longer uncommon. Many of these migrants are in possession of mobile devices which they use as a link to their families and social media. These same smartphones have the potential to be turned into tools that provide access to reliable and practical information on the migration process and on available services in destination countries. This not only empowers migrants to take charge of their own journey but also reduces their dependency on unauthorized entities and processes.

IOM’s MigApp is an application that migrants can download for free on their mobile devices and which will aim and address the following needs:

1. To help migrants make informed decisions throughout their migration process. Irregular and unsafe migration often is a result of lack of awareness about the risks involved in the process, ill-informed knowledge of visa and travel regulations, limited or non-existent interaction with legitimate service providers, and the absence of a balanced and unified platform for reliable and updated migration information and services.
MigApp aims to offset the volume of misinformation on migration in circulation today.

2. To provide migrants with access to services related to their migration process. Each migrant has a need for services specific to his/her migration process. IOM has a wide range of services that addresses practically every aspect of migration.
MigApp aims to make some of IOM’s programmes and services directly available to a wider group of migrants.

3. To provide a platform for migrants to share their experiences, tell their story and upload a picture that will be shared among other Mig App users.

How to download USS Alabama Battleship Park APK at

The official app of USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

Celebrating 50 years on the beautiful Mobile Bay in Mobile, AL from 1965-2015. Battleship Memorial Park is home to Battleship USS Alabama (BB-60), Submarine USS Drum (SS-228), over 25 historic aircraft spanning 9 decades of American aviation, war memorials, various military equipment and more.

With the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park app, you can explore what life was like aboard the USS Alabama during World War II. Find out how many ships the USS Drum sank in enemy waters. Learn about all the "F" Series fighter jets in the Aircraft Pavilion, including one of two YF-17 Cobra Prototypes in the world. And, help us honor those who have served our country from World War II through the Vietnam War at the Park Memorials.

• Quick Access: Simply type in the corresponding number posted at aircraft and military equipment for more information.
• Self-Guided Tour Routes: While aboard the USS Alabama and USS Drum, select tour routes, with maps and pictures, for guidance throughout the ship and submarine.
• Plan Your Trip: If you're planning a trip to Battleship Memorial Park, the app will help you make sure you do not miss anything on your visit.
• Park History: Learn more about Battleship Memorial Park, Battleship USS Alabama, and Submarine USS Drum.
• Park Map: With the built-in Park Map, knowing where you are throughout the Park is easy. Simply click on the Park Map and your location will appear, as well as attractions around you.

How to install StreetFoodFinder APK at


In Columbus or Raleigh? StreetFoodFinder allow users to quickly and efficiently locate various food trucks in the Ohio area and other select cities. With necessary information already provided on an easy to use interface, users will be able to connect with their favorite food vendors and find their next meal on the go. With schedules of most trucks updated weekly, users are able to plan ahead for their convenience.

More features coming soon! Visit our website to send us ideas and feedback!

Also available on the web at or our iOS app at!

How to download Maryland Health Connection APK at

Enroll MHC is the official mobile app for Maryland Health Connection, Maryland’s health insurance marketplace for individuals and families to enroll in health and dental coverage. See if you qualify for financial help like tax credits or Medicaid/MCHP to make health insurance more affordable.

Enroll MHC provides Marylanders easy, on-the-go access to shop for health and dental coverage, compare plans, apply for financial help, find local assistance, update your information, view notices and even use your device's camera to upload documents. You can also go online to

How to install Everlast and PIQ APK at

The Everlast and PIQ mobile app provides unique insights to boxers of all levels, martial artists and those leveraging sports like boxing and kickboxing for fitness, by seamlessly processing thousands of data points per second of session performed. Track all your punches and get a complete picture of your training. Punch-type recognition, punch count, punch speed, punch force and your retraction time: with Everlast and PIQ you do not miss anything.
And after each boxing session, get your Winning Factors. Thanks to the intelligence that PIQ brings to the sport, you’ll see exactly what you did right and where you need to improve.

At the end of your game, the app displays your Winning Factors, your key strengths on that particular day. They're pinpointed so that you know exactly what to press on during your next game.

Share the details of your game with the community and your friends on social networks with these awesome GIFs! Let them know how good you did and what allowed you to prevail along with the friends you played with.

The app displays amazing dashboard that will allow you to track your games and your training.

How to install GoldCleats Soccer App APK at

Become the next big thing with GoldCleats. Add your soccer skills video and be discovered by world’s best clubs or interact with soccer fans!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

GoldCleats is an amazing sports app that helps you discover players from the whole world or to be discovered by agents and scouts. Create your profile and share your soccer skills with ease!


This sports app is created as the number one youth soccer platform with players from over 181 countries. Offering you the most effortless and efficient way to share your soccer highlights and skills, and be noticed from other users of the app. On this app, you can easily create your own soccer profile. On your profile, you can upload, edit and share your soccer skills and video highlights for everyone to see.


On this amazing soccer app, you can discover other soccer players from the whole world, view their profiles and see their soccer skills and highlights. Aside from discovering other players, the app is allowing you to get discovered by other people, as agents, scouts, coaches, clubs, colleges, and other people that are using the app.


The app is offering you to go viral as a user and even match the footage. On the app are offered many different custom emojis, all related with soccer. All the emojis you can use for free anytime you want. Go viral and have fun with the soccer emojis offered by the app.


- Easy to use youth soccer platform
- Create your profile
- Upload, edit, and share soccer skills and video highlights
- Discover soccer players from the whole world
- Get discovered by agents, scouts and other users
- Go viral and match footage
- Use custom soccer emojis for free
- Free for download

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Create your profile on the best youth soccer platform, share your skills and get noticed for your talent by other people.
Download it now for FREE!

How to install Gini: DNA Based Nutrition Assistant APK at

Gini breaks down your complex health-nutrition-gene relationships, functions as a guide for your micro or macronutrient needs, and helps you identify the best food sources optimal for your specific genetic profile. All our features are currently free to use. Explore your genetic self today!

Depending upon the type of food, it can have a beneficial, neutral or a detrimental effect on your body based on your unique genetic makeup. Every person is genetically and biochemically different from everyone else, and this in turn means that nutrition and diet should be personalized on an individual basis.

The service adheres to a strict no-data sharing policy. The DNA data is de-identified and encrypted. Invite your loved ones or friends to live longer and healthier by personalizing their nutrition.

Gini Stories - A very fresh and innovative approach to looking at genes, nutrition and health together in one place. The information categories are divided into health risks, traits and wellness. Digging into each sub-category allows users to see the level of risk, read further about associated genes and how everything ties back to nutrigenetic factors.

Gini Health - Provides you a snapshot of nutritional needs based on genetic risks and representational difference analysis. It acts as an accurate guide for any micro or macronutrients needs - all backed by peer-reviewed research.

Gini Lens - A revolutionary feature that serves as a personalized nutrition label based on your DNA.

If you have already done your genetic testing, you'll be able to upload your DNA data to Gini to generate personalized health + nutrition reports.